Sustainably Stylish

Last week, my friend Natalie and I ventured into Boston for the day to try a zero gravity yoga class. For those who don't know, zero gravity (or aerial) yoga is like a cross between yoga and circus-ribbon work. It involves a stretchy  hammock, a willingness to get upside-down and a lot of  ab work! … Continue reading Sustainably Stylish

Summery Flashback

    This post is a little different than my others have been. Confession: I do love this dress, but I really just wanted to share some of these pictures. They were taken last year around this time (note the long hair!) by my friend Sam. The dress is from Modcloth. I bought it a few … Continue reading Summery Flashback


For the past few months, I've been slowly falling into an obsession with one pieces. I bought my first romper last fall and have been desperately looking for a jumpsuit since then. It's been significantly more challenging to find than a romper because jumpsuits have to fit flawlessly to actually look good. As it turns … Continue reading Jumpsuit